Date:20/07/2018 | System Current Year 2018

The 9th International Invention Fair of the Middle East (IIFME)

The 9th International Invention Fair is one of the most significant and largest specialized exhibitions of inventions in the Middle East, and deemed as the second largest international exhibition all over the world. Being part of the efforts of the International Exhibition of Geneva it is also deemed as an opportunity for revealing the culture of invention to societies and strengthening the existing relationships among the inventors, companies and corporations.

The success and achievements over the last eight sessions of the International Invention Fair are proof of the significance of the importance of the desired message to be delivered via the exhibition.

The visitors were estimated in more than 42,000 visitor, clearly showing the international interest. Organizing the international exhibition in the Middle East represents a significant aspect of the implemented achievements by the Scientific Club of Kuwait and the sponsoring authorities for this exhibition. It is a great time to promote inventions, increase interest, appreciate the ideas and make an investment in the ideas and inventions and people.


Objectives of IIFME: 

  • Establishing an invention culture in the Arab countries, and empowering and motivating the Arab scientific community. 
  • Strengthening and nourishing existing cooperation among the investors and inventors. 
  • Attracting the largest number of inventors from all over the world to participate and socialize in this exhibition. 
  • Providing the appropriate atmosphere to the inventors to show their ideas and products.


The Targeted Participants: 

  • Inventors. 
  • Public and the private schools. 
  • Educational institutions and universities. 
  • Private sector companies who serve as investors and manufacturers. 
  • Businessmen and investors. 
  • Willing authorities who may offer opportunities for inventions and ideas.


 The Elected Parties to Participate in the Exhibition: 

  • Individual investors who hold issued invention certificates by any authorized authority. 
  • Governmental authorities. 
  • Scientific institutions. 
  • Private sector . 
  • Local and the international patents office.


 Award and Prizes:


  • Prize attributed by The 9th International Invention Fair in the Middle East.
  • Prize attributed by The Kuwait Science Club (KSC).
  • Prize Attributed by The Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for The Arab States of the Gulf. 
  • Prize Attributed by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). 
  • Prize Attributed by The International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva. 
  • Prize Attributed by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


A Word from the Organizing Committee

After the success of the last seven annual fairs, KSC is looking forward to co-host this year under the patronage of the H.H. the Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Once again, the 9th International Invention Fair in The Middle East aims to build

a community for regional and international inventors from all over the world under a unique umbrella in the exhibition’s hall at the Kuwaiti Scientific Club during 16- 19 January, 2017.

Bringing international, Arab, Gulf, and Kuwaiti inventors and investors together is only one of several advantages. Another is Kuwait’s role in empowering the inventors and humanitarian efforts, establishing an invention culture, and promoting the private sector in product and idea developments.

This year, there will be once again continuous success in attracting inventors, investors, and companies; and most importantly a true sense of cooperation between all participants. This is also a great opportunity in placing Kuwait and the Arabian countries onto the scientific and the technological development map.

There was a definite increase in the 9th fair, where approximately 160 inventors participated representing 35 countries with more than 180 inventions. This year, we are expecting even more.

It is an effort made possible due to cooperation between international inventors, investors, companies, sponsors, authorities, governments, and volunteers.

Simply put, this 8th international fair will focus on the inventors’ ideas and inventions; ensuring them the opportunity to communicate with the participating investors and businessmen in this exhibition. This will further enhance communication and cooperation between sponsors, the reputable institutions in sponsoring the inventors, and the companies who supported the Scientific Club of Kuwait.