Date:20/07/2018 | System Current Year 2018

The Kuwait science club was founded on August 11th, 1974 A.D, As a non-profit organization, its sponsored by the ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and managed by a board of directors of 9 members, renewed every two years by vote. The board member should be members in the General Assembly.


The task of this board is to designate to policy, the objectives and the general plan of the club, and to supervise their application.


The Kuwait science club is oriented towards public service, the aim of the club is to support efforts for the scientific development in the state of Kuwait. This is achieved through grants in various fields, offering fellowships and organizing scientific meetings and exhibitions.


Main Objectives of the club:

  • Sponsoring scientific activities and disseminating scientific awareness among the society.

  • Developing scientific level and qualifications of the members.

  • Providing favorable scientific atmosphere.

  • Consolidating religious, moral and educational values among the club members.

  • Contribution to discover talented members and directing them in the true way.

  • Consolidating relations between the club and the different local, regional and international scientific clubs and organizations.

  • Developing scientific sense among club members

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